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Luna Hotels & Resorts to reopen accommodation units in the Algarve region.

We inform our clients that some of the hotel units from Luna Hotels & Resorts, which were closed for maintenance in the Algarve, will reopen on the following dates: Albufeira: Luna Falésia Mar - 26/04/2013 | Luna Clube Oceano - 01/04/2013 | Luna Valmangude Jardim - 31/05/2013 | Luna Pérola do Algarve - 13/05/2013. Alvor: Luna Alvor Bay - 01/05/2013 | Luna Alvor Village - 27/04/2013 | Luna Clube Brisamar - 01/06/2013. Luna Hotels provides, in full, their inventory in the main touristic region of Portugal, offering levels of Quality and Comfort that have help to increase guests loyalty.

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