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The Lunahoteis S.A is comitted to protect the users privacy. You can visit our site pages with giving any kind of personal informationl. Although, it is necessary to give information for solicited services, therefore the following information explains the process of how the information is gathered ans the usage of data. Please read the terms of our privacy policy:

Personal Information:

According to the users solicitations, personal information will be asked by our company, to provide for the users needs. This kind of information is requested for contest registration, subscrition newsletters and promotions, access to previledge contents, acquire services/ products. The information gathered by Lunahoteis is: e-mail address, country and region. More specific information with the purpose for Lunahoteis to take its services directly to its clients may be asked.

Visited web pages in the Lunahoteis site by users are loged, for statistical purposes. This frequency data has a solely anonymous ID number with no relation to personal information except with the users permission, as it is described next.

Use of Personal Information:

The personal data is used for:
  • Provide services, through newsletters, events or promotions.
  • Help to create relevant content for the users needs.
  • Alert users for products, special offers, up to date te information and new services.

By law, Lunahoteis may give personal information to the entities if it is required: (a) according to the Portuguese and UE law respecting the site legal process; (b) protect and defend the property laws and web family of Lunahoteis.

Personal Information Control:

When the user gives Lunahoteis personal information, the company will not share that information with 3rd parties without the users permission, except for the above reasons.

Removal of Personal Information:

It is guaranteed for the user, the access, rectification, alteration and elimination of his personal data by phone, letter or email to Lunahoteis: lunahoteis@lunahoteis.com

Personal Information Security:

The Lunahoteis Hotel Group drives procedures for secure information. We use a variety of procedures and security technology to protect personal information from unauthorised access of the data servers in a secured restricted access controlled environment.


Whether you are a customer, partner or employee, you will find the information you need!


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